The Endless Cycle Continues

It’s Monday morning and here I sit back in the office at ten to seven having successfully managed to avoid inevitable conversations about the weather. You know how it goes:

  • There’s weather today.
  • Yes, there was slightly different weather yesterday.
  • Hmm, I did not approve of that weather, but this weather is marginally more pleasing to me.
  • I wonder if there’ll be weather tomorrow.

Despite the fact that we don’t really have weather anymore, just one endless stretch of mild. Occasionally there are floods.

The weekend went too quick, that we are all in agreement. I went for a poo on the Friday evening, when I finished it was Sunday afternoon and I had ironing to do. I didn’t do it, as any person that chooses to iron of their own free will has officially given up on life. Now, the cycle continues. I sit in a place I despise to do something I have absolutely no interest in, in the hope I have enough money not to starve (I am already overdrawn).

We humans certainly made a mistake all them years ago when we invented the week and what we were to do with it. We decided a week would last 7 days, 5 week days, and 2 weekend days, which surely are still week days… they’re part of the week which as previously stated lasts by definition, 7 days.  We will work for the 5, and then have 2 days off.  It boggles the mind, that at this meeting no one raised their hand to say: “I see where you’re coming from, I love the ideas, I’d love it even more with one minor change. Let’s work for 2 days, and then have 5 off.”

If we did that there’d be no unemployment, as to keep businesses going companies would have to employ more people to cover the week. Yeah we’d earn less, but we’d all earn less, so the laws of economics dictate the value of money will change and we can all go on as normal.  (My knowledge of economics is limited. All I know is no one has any money as it stands anyway.)

Though I suppose back then, when the week was invented by Mr. Charles Week, the people that decided what to do with it were the ruling elite, and as such didn’t have to work, it was the role of the plebs to do that.

But as John Prescott said in 1997 “We’re all plebs now.” Which as we all know, led to the Plebgate scandal. Which involved a bike at some point if I recall, I think John Prescott was on a bike as he said it. A tandem bike, with Tony Blaire on the back.

I suppose I should do some work now.