Blog: what a silly word.

Long have I resisted the self-gratifying urge to infect the World Wide Web with my own poorly researched and ignorant opinions. However, a brief discussion with a journalism lecturer allowed me to realise that infecting the internet with said ignorant opinions is precisely what journalism is about. I am the Fuzzy Rambler, for those of you that don’t know, fuzzy ramblers tend to grow primarily on the walls of damp caves and exist purely to bore everyone to death with nonsensical ramblings.

Throughout the coming weeks, months, years; right up until the very moment I shuffle off this mortal coil (or until I get distracted by something else) I shall endeavor to write informative pieces about current goings on and of things that interest me… which will probably be cheese. I know writing a blog and trying to gain a decent readership is as futile as trying to find happiness in this cruel, uncaring world but there’s more chance of getting readers if I actually write one, rather than my current method of painting articles on the sides of elephants and marching them through town.

So why blogging? Why now? Why bother getting up in the morning?

Well, let me answer those questions with a quote from Plato:

‘One person writing a blog has the potential to change the world… now leave me alone.’

It is one of his lesser known phrases I know, but fairly apt for this occasion. So, come and have a look from time to time, peruse my articles, debate with me, offer me a job in the media so I no longer have to spend my lonely nights writing this absurd tripe (infuriating formatting and all) and we can all move on with our lives.


The Fuzzy Rambler.


One thought on “Blog: what a silly word.

  1. Good luck and welcome to wordpress! 🙂

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