Extract for the sake of it.

I need to update my blog. Here’s an extract from something I wrote…

The steaming blood returned some warmth to Alan Shapcott’s bony fingers. With a sharp sigh he let his head fall onto a pillow of fresh snow and stared through half closed eyelids at the thick grey sky, stained slightly by the multitude of streetlamps. The bullet had entered through his back and punched its way out through his stomach. He felt it before he heard it. He knew it had killed him. He wasn’t dead yet, but the shot had done its damage.

After the initial shock, there was only the physical pain. Sharp and near unbearable as it was, he knew it was only temporary… as all things are. His assailant knew he was dead too, didn’t even bother to come and finish him off. He was permitted his last moment of reflection. From his unique vantage point on the edge of oblivion, he could see everything so clearly. Looking up at the sky he could see it for what it really was. He could see the shimmer. Had it always shimmered?

It was only now that death was standing over him, that he realised how foolish it was to fear it. Death was simply your reward for putting up with life. Soon, everything would be over. Everything. No longer would he feel the sting of injustice. No longer would he feel the oppressive weight of responsibility. No longer would he feel so fatigued, so weary. Sorrow was just a word and soon he would not be able to comprehend it. He would, as everything does, become nothing. He would be free from the shackles of thought.

His breathing was becoming shallower now. Filling his lungs required too much effort. Closing his eyes and dropping over the edge was all too easy. With weak and bloodied fingers he felt inside his long jacket, tugged at the envelope within his inner pocket and brought it into the fresh air. He glanced at it. He eyed his sprawling, rather rushed writing.

The Truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth…

He fell over the edge. He felt the rush of air on the back of his head and in his ears. He plunged and plummeted. He became nothing.

He was free.


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