Free Stuff is Good Stuff

First things first, I am dying of the plague… or something. I spent a few feverish nights jabbering away in a pool of my own sweat. I persevered with adult responsibilities such as work and the like, before I was sent home and told to not return until I’m better or dead. If I should choose the latter, I was informed I’d be returning on substantially reduced pay. I can’t go four seconds without erupting into a fit of deadly coughing, and it seems no amount of Lukozade or cough syrup is being of any help.

However, out of this despair came a wondrous thing. Amazon once again allowed me to dispense my short story collection for free once again. If there is one thing I have learned in my publishing experiment, it’s that my work is worth absolutely nothing. The brief periods my book has been free has seen spikes in downloads across the world, even some guys in Germany read it, and they know their stuff.  As soon as people need to pay $0.99 for it, well you can forget it. It’s simply too steep a price for 70 odd pages of surrealism.

So, my readers and followers. I beseech you to go to Amazon en masse and download The Tiny Compendium of Ridiculousness whilst you can do so for free. For, though my body may be failing me, my ego is still at large and needs sustenance.

Get it now, before it’s too late and it becomes disgustingly overpriced again.