The Return of the Silly Doodles.

It’s been a while since I indulged in my love of stupid art. Art used in the broadest sense. I hit my head and got it into my brain that people would be just as interested in various attempts at writing shit. Turned out that prose is not my forte, people prefer stick men and silly poems.

These were all done on my phone with an app and my index finger, and that detail is crucial. The use of any other finger would have made it entirely different.


This is called ‘The Professor’ I think he studies Pieology his influential book Paella is Not a Pie is still regarded as revolutionary.



‘Pearly Hair’  He or She is sad because one eye is massive and the other squinty. She also has hair that glows like one of those deep sea fishes, maybe she is part deep see fish. That’s the beauty of art, it can be anything.





‘The Long Road.’

a poor indie kid was hit by a car and he woke up on a road, illuminated by the sickly glow of the street lamps. Under these orange hues he has been walking for what feels like years, the end is not in sight. The only solace is that it feels a bit like a cliché ridden music video.



‘No Idea What This Is’ — I have no idea what this is.



It’s a vampire dude. I have no idea what the word is, it says wandak as far as I can tell, but I can’t remember the reason for it. As far as I’m aware it doesn’t exist. If someone can come up with a  suitable definition it will be much appreciated.




This is very deep stuff. Political and everything. Below is a pictorial representation of the kick off to WWIII and the launch of nuclear missiles.





Look he’s a poor and suffering artist.



‘Arty Art.’  This is proper art because it’s full of phallic imagery. I mean he has a penis for a nose. Clearly representing repressed sexuality and the patriarchy.



‘Angst!’  look he’s a poor and suffering artist, only this time better drawn and in colour. He’s from a middle class background.



‘Man With Funny Shaped Head, Or Strange Bird With Spindly Legs?’


For centuries people have debated.


‘The Exaggeration.’


And it was thiiiiiiis big.’   Thing is… he’s talking about his ego.



There we go. Thanks for your time. I hope one day we might meet and exchange witticisms.


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