Everyone’s Doing Everything.

I  started blogging first as an experiment and creative outlet, this soon bloomed into an obsession and like all obsessions became the source of a lot of regret and shame. To my utmost surprise, this blog was not read by millions and nobody queued up to give me money for doing it, so I may stop, much to the disappointment of my dozen or so followers I’m sure.

The problem is, in this overpopulated, digital age, proffering one’s opinion on trivial first world issues is about as productive as smashing turnips into the faces of Greek statues, it’ll get you nowhere and you will gain nothing, other than the release of some pent up frustration and a few confused remarks from more rational people that happen to be there at the time. That simile – I will admit – is fairly cumbersome.

However, despite this fact, everyone around the world is busy smashing turnips into statues every second of the day! That is to say, everyone is seeking to make a name for themselves by clogging up the world wide web with comments, blogs, vlogs, tweets (whatever the fuck they are) and just generally spreading opinion like a particularly aggressive virus. There’s something in the egotistical part of the brain (my neurology knowledge is fairly limited) that seems to compel us to share our thoughts with the world, taking it seriously, as if it actually matters or if anyone cares. It’s odd to think that the term ‘Youtube personality’ has come about and we haven’t all fallen into a state of despair.

Admittedly, there are probably a few ‘Youtube personalities’ *shudder* that offered something interesting or entertaining, I don’t know, but all it takes is one success to open the floodgates to everyone else who think they can do the same and replicate the same outcome.

Everyone is doing everything.

Everyone is writing with a particularly smug, elitist and pseudointellectual tone in the hope that people will flock to them, their egos can grow and maybe someone will pay them so they can do it professionally. And yet, there are even too many professionals, writing continuously, often about banal and arbitrary things, and all these articles are often met with a very middle class sense of petty hostility when it comes to the comment sections.   It just goes on and on and on, everyone doing everything, churning out all sorts of meandering drivel (ironically much like I am doing now).

It’s a bit like if you happen to be at a party, but really want to pick something up from the nearby shop, and you quietly slide up to a friend and say ‘I’m off to the shop, want anything?’ and they say ‘Oh I’ll come with you,’ which is good, in fact you welcome the comradeship, then as you make for the door someone else spots you and enquires, and decides to tag along. That’s all fine, it’s like the fellowship, a small party on a grand quest to purchase more alcohol and maybe a flapjack from a shop. Yet, just as you get the door open and your face is greeted with the cool night time air. Other’s spot you, other’s boldly declare that they too will go to the shop, and before you know it you have a mass exodus, the party is no more and has become a communal trip to the shop and by the time you get to the till there’s no more flapjack left! Yes, blogging, writing, vlogging, making videos and all that shit is precisely like the scenario I just described.

Before the internet it wasn’t so bad I’d assume. As if people wanted to be professional opinion sharers, or idea manufacturers, they actually had to go out into the wide world, stand on a box and shout at passers by, or irritate professional types into agreeing to give them work. In short – they risked beatings and hostility from real, fleshy organisms there and then. The backlash would have been instant and aggressive. Now all you need is a computer and a self-righteous mentality.

So that is why I shall probably have no more of it. We are all just desperately crying for mainstream attention, even the mainstream haters, wait, especially the mainstream haters, but we’re competing with everyone else, as I have already established as a matter of fact, everyone is doing everything. So maybe I will do nothing for a while, I’ll probably end up getting more hits than I am currently.

The FuzzyRambler.


One thought on “Everyone’s Doing Everything.

  1. Sometimes it´s hard to understand what is what…good luck and keep on blogging:-)!

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