Aspiring to Mediocrity

Morning one and all.

I thought I’d try something a bit different for this post. I have difficulty sleeping, have been unemployed for some time and university has ceased to be, due to a summer apparently. So, needless to say I’m bored, and I’m trying to find all sorts of ways to entertain myself. Like dying on my arse attempting comedy, or failing to record a song that doesn’t offend people’s ears.

I live in a permanent state of dissatisfaction. Any form of entertainment media, seems to me, to be saturated with a vast amount of mediocrity, even worse mediocrity that’s propelled to insane heights. I watch things and think… why is this so popular? I can do/write/eat something better than that. But what has become frustratingly  clear to me, is I can’t!

I am a strange oddity, compelled to attempt something ‘different’ or ‘outstanding’ driven by some overwhelming urge that cannot fully be sated, and yet, I lack the ability, not just the ability, but any kind of ability. It seems the troubled genius in me shall never flourish, primarily because I’m neither troubled nor a genius.  It seems at best, all I can aspire to be is average. I’ll have to join the ranks of the every day man and aspire to mediocrity and try to get a proper job… boring as that is.  I’ll get to my thirties, gain a beer belly and cry about my wasted life.

The Fuzzy Rambler.


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