Stay Positive.

I have been told that my previous posts haven’t necessarily been particularly uplifting. Which is odd, because I always thought I was quite an upbeat sort of person, I manage to get out of bed and everything. However, I’m nothing if not a people pleaser. I will endeavour to make this waffle as uplifting and as positive as I can. So without further ado…

….. erm… crumpets are nice aren’t they?

Aren’t kittens all cute and lovely….

Oh I can’t do it! Mindless positivity: I hate it.  How can I write a lengthy blog entry about something I enjoy, or something I find life affirming? Optimism drains me, if I find myself engaging in it and feel an uninvited smile start to cross my face I have to listen to a medley of Radiohead songs just to feel sane again. As soon as you find yourself content, you should realise that you’ve given up on trying. Though trying at what I’ll never know.

Bear with me, this entry is going to come to some valid point. This is what happens when you set yourself a weekly task of writing about something, eventually you’ll just run out of things to say.

So… it has become apparent recently that (especially in America) ordinary citizens may be under surveillance  by sinister corporations, backed by their own government. I have many issues with that. The most pressing issue I have is, why the hell is anyone surprised? I thought it was obvious in the age of the internet that everything we do is monitored by dodgy looking men lurking in the shadows, or more likely, behind another computer. I have long accepted that every strange bit of porn that anyone so happens to click on is monitored, every transaction, every email, every bowel movement that occurs within the sight of a webcam, of course it’s all being watched by someone. You’d be an idiot not to instantly suspect this.

More to the point, anyone who is annoyed about the possibility of being monitored  who operates a Facebook/Twitter page or even a weekly blog entry, hasn’t really got a right to complain. I say this because millions of people all around the world, are voluntarily posting personal things on the web. My biggest gripe, pictures of their children. You put a picture online and it’s very difficult to get it off again. Anyone else can have some form of access to it. I’m not against pictures of people’s children being posted because I assume everyone is sinister, but because maybe said children don’t want their pictures pasted about the world wide web. Furthermore, if you look at the advertisements on your Facebook page, you will see that they are strangely tailored to you, based on information you have given and things you have liked. Advertisers have been watching you for a long long time and nobody seems to care.

I should make it clear, I’m a cynic, not a crack pot conspiracy theorist, (all hail the lizard men).

Another issue I have (other than the obvious invasion of privacy) is a statement made by Barack Obama, and I quote “We can’t have 100% security, 100% privacy; and 0% inconvenience.”  Now I will concede this statement primarily affects the U.S of A and some lowly fellow like me shouldn’t be butting in, but I can’t help but think, people never expect 100% security. I certainly wouldn’t want 100% security if the cost was not having 100% privacy and varying percentages of inconvenience. 100% security is unobtainable, and if we accept constantly being monitored as necessary to even try to achieve 100% security we are going down a dangerous path. Again I say, I am not paranoid, I’m just saying trying to achieve the impossible will only make life difficult.

Another statement often made in defence of this is ‘if you are abiding by the law, you have nothing to fear.’ or something to that effect. That sounds all well and good, but what if various governments start sending men to search your house once a week, and get postmen to intercept your mail, using that defence… should we accept that?

Either way you could say, I know nothing about anything and all the above was just a pitiful attempt to say something meaningful, when really I just wanted to talk about Game of Thrones. You may be right, but I have to try.

Stay Positive.

The Fuzzy Rambler.


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