Outbreak of deadly apathy.

First of all, I feel it should be said that Outbreak of deadly apathy sounds like the title of a prog rock album, maybe from a band called King Edmund’s Nostrils. Secondly, I would like to say that I plan to start a prog rock band called King Edmund’s Nostrils and release an album entitled ‘Outbreak of Deadly Apathy.’

Fortunately for anyone reading, this will not be about prog rock, but rather about apathy. I have noticed a lot of people, young and old alike; and my wonderful self included, seem to have been infected with a deadly strain of apathy, or what I will refer to as ‘Meeeehhhrr’.

Meeeehhrr has many symptoms, not all of them visible. Unlike the plague or one of those fictionalised zombie viruses that seem popular these days, Meeehhrr does not result in festering boils or a an urge to eat people’s faces. In fact, apathy I have noticed robs us from the ability to even get out of bed (or maybe it’s just the depression I have recently been diagnosed), Meeehhrr sufferers wouldn’t have the motivation to chase down fleeing flesh bags let alone attempt to make a meal out of them.

Motivation is dropping and the joy that can be had from the small things of everyday life seems to be slipping away for a lot of us. Why is this? What is the cause of this disease which I am rather over exaggerating for the purposes of writing a blog to seem intellectual?

I will try to answer this question once I have cooked an omelette and eaten it… if I can find the energy and focus to do so…

Right that was nice. I will admit, that I am a student, and fraternize mainly with other students, so maybe this is an issue for us students alone. I will also admit, that I live in Hatfield (Hertfordshire, England) and fraternize mostly with other Hatfieldians. This may have something to do with the problem. However, I will continue to take the rather bold view that this sense of Meeehhrr is being held nationwide, damn it maybe I’ll go so far as world-wide.
Fuck it, the entire galaxy is being infected with Meeehrr.

‘Sir, maybe it’s an economic problem.’

Maybe it is disembodied voice, maybe it is. For the past couple of years the country’s media has been desperately trying to convince me that we’ve spent all our money. In fact we’ve managed to spend money we didn’t even have in the first place and as a result we can no longer do things. Now, I personally think it’s not necessarily the money that’s the problem. Happiness cannot be bought. Although unemployment is high and people have to be careful with their hard-earned money, I’m not 100% certain that that’s an excuse for this explosion of Meeehhrr, which leaves us without even a thimble of motivation or optimism. Not being able to go on holiday this year (or the previous three) and not eating expensive steak every night (like in the good old days) does not warrant this level of apathy. I don’t think it’s the lack of money that is the problem, no. But rather it is the mentality that has emerged from this strange ‘recession’ that none of us really understand. Seriously, even those that are paid to understand it don’t actually understand it, they just say words on camera that sound explanatory.

The recession has convinced us that we did something wrong, that we lived recklessly spending all out money on cheese that we never really needed. Men in suits (politicians) I believe they are called, have come on television to tell us things need to be cut (which isn’t a nice word, nothing can be cut nicely) which makes us sad, and for young people especially life is beginning to appear bleak.

Gone are the days in which you were told ‘you can do anything with your life’ and instead the message is ‘Work hard at school or you won’t get into university which now everyone has to go to, devaluing degrees altogether, then work hard at university so you can get a good, well paid job, for which there will be so much competition because of all the people going to university, then work hard so you can earn money so the recession monster doesn’t kill you, don’t have any fun because you can’t afford it. Then when you have nothing left to give, die unknown and forgotten in a small hole somewhere.’ Admittedly, I’m prone to be over dramatic and I have a compulsion to exaggerate, but still the message is dull. Rather than inspire us, we just think Meeehhhrr, as the name of the illness suggests.

‘I’m bored now sir, can you not go into all the causes you think there might be?’

Okay then, I think Facebook addiction, is partially to blame too, along with the fact that the planet is dying and the possibility of nuclear war looms over us. And… oh who cares I’ve lost interest. They all lied to me, this isn’t good therapy at all.

Stay tuned for my upcoming album featuring tracks like ‘the devil’s cucumber’ and ‘march into obscurity’.

The Fuzzy Rambler.


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